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Welcome to the Alberta Paramedic Association



The Alberta Paramedic Association has recently been recognized by industry leaders as an integral component to the Paramedic profession.  Established in 2015, the Association is a registered non-profit society that has been reshaping its profession by introducing the concept of three components within a professional body; known as regulation, labor and association.  Through democracy and by design, the Association will empower Alberta paramedicine to be a leader of its own professional practice.

As paramedicine develops itself into a self-regulated health profession in Alberta, it is vital that an independent association representing paramedics is established. As we discuss the transition to the Health Professions Act, it is important to observe our colleagues in the existing 29 regulated health professions. A profession must have 3 components; a regulatory college representing the public interest, labor to represent operations of the profession and an association representing the practitioners professional practice.

All of us at the Alberta Paramedic Association sincerely thank you for your membership, your time as volunteers and welcome your communication and insights.

The proclamation is the founding doument, signed in to power by the membership, that establishes the association as a collaborative democratic stand-alone association which solely exists to advocate for paramedics and the paramedicine profession. Click HERE to view.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Alberta Paramedic Association is to advance the knowledge, skills and health & wellness of the paramedic profession.




To empower Alberta’s Paramedics to lead their own profession through an elected representing body known as the Alberta Paramedic Association.

See our By-Laws here

See our Strategic Plan here


Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is a concept centred around authority, professional practice and sustainability; designed to increase influence over its professional practice, while maintaining growth and stability.

The Association will be guided by five goals in 2016-2018.  These goals will serve as guidance to the Board of Directors and the Executive Director in the following; operational plans, budget plans and a measurement of progress.


Establish Authority

  • Establish the acceptance of three components of the profession - Association, Regulation and Labor
  • Seek National representation for Alberta's Paramedics
  • Increase membership through collaboration and engagement with Paramedics
  • Become an industry partner for educational programs

Knowledge Enhancement

  • Increase access to educational resources
  • Program Accreditation
  • Increase University course credits for existing EMS education and service
  • Lobby for an education incentive program
  • Increase access to continuing education for all Paramedics

Skill Enhancement

  • Improve quality within areas of weakness
  • Increase evidence based skillset
  • Maintain and defend current evidence based skills
  • Create a framework for practitioner specialties

Professional Health and Wellness Enhancement

  • Promote and culture of well-balanced health and wellness
  • Establish society within the profession
  • Promote physical wellness using a 'Healthy body - healthy mind' approach
  • Identify injury reduction strategies
  • Promote psychological resiliency and facilitate OSI treatment resources
  • Establish lifestyle ideals


  • Develop Strategic Partnerships
  • Sustainable Funding
  • Maintain professional relationships with stakeholders.





Core Values


The Alberta Paramedic Association will operate in a way that reflects our core values:

Professionalism - Represents itself with the display characteristics of a professional including reliability, competence appearance and demeanour.

Democratic - The association is chosen by it's members to represent it's members. It will also demonstrate diplomacy in all business affairs.

Collaborative - Utilizing collaboration with membership, stakeholders, professionals and agencies to reach it's objectives.

Innovative - Providing solutions, supporting research, enhance knowledge and support evidence based practice.

Leadership - Will act as a leader for it's members on matters pertaining to professional practice.

Pragmatic - Will use a sensible and realistic approach to decisions and or solutions to problems within the profession.

Responsiveness - Remain responsive to the professional needs of it's membership.

Integrity - The association will always be ethical, honest and act in the best interest of the practitioners.