No one is better equipped to lead paramedic professional practice than the front-line practitioners.

Working Groups

Working groups are the lifeblood of the association. These groups are formed as both temporary task orientated and long term standing groups of practitioners from a variety of experience, education and workplace setting to lead and promote the paramedic profession.
Working groups will usually meet every few weeks using teleconferencing software and are supported by the Executive Director. Although each working group will have one group leader selected to act as a main point of contact, all members are free to bring ideas forward and follow through on their own vision for the group. This is in stark contrast to a committee where traditionally every decision is made by vote and subsequently creativity and progress can be hindered. Typically working group members will be creative, self-motivated individuals with a passion to promote our profession and build unity amongst practitioners.

In addition to attending online meetings, you will be brought into a group email chain and may be asked to assist in specific tasks such as researching an issue, managing a survey, or drafting a report. 

Volunteering with the APA will offer resume improvements as well as the opportunity to network with industry leaders.  Aside from expanding job opportunities by volunteering with the association you're helping lead paramedicine and change the landscape of our profession.


Current Working Group Opportunities

  • Paramedic Services Week Group
    • Joining this group affords you the opportunity to promote paramedicine to the public AND celebrate paramedicine amongst practitioners. 
  • Education Workshop Development Group
    • This creative group is formed to generate ideas for education workshops throughout the province and with the Executive Directors support, bring those ideas to fruition!

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned veteran, someone with expertise or someone with strong interest, you are a good fit for a working group! The more diverse working groups are, the more creative the groups are.
If you would like to join one of the groups listed above please contact


Specialized Support Staff 

In addition to Working groups and board members, the association requires the help of practitioners who have a specific skill-set to operate the administration, finances and technical aspects of the organization. Support staff will have education or proven success in the area they are volunteering for and most times, will take leadership of that area for the association. If you have specialization in any of the areas below, we need to hear from you!


Specialized support staff opportunities

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Website administrative support (Joomla)

Support Staff Requirements

  • Good-standing member of the APA.
  • Resume with cover letter
  • 2 Professional references

Please send to