Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need an association?

A professional association works towards issues that are overarching to the profession that are separate from regulatory and collective bargaining functions. These may include enhancement of skills, education, health and wellness etc. A standalone association will also lobby government and regulators for broader professional opportunities such as enhanced scope of practice, more career paths and transferability of education as a few examples.

Isn’t this duplicating what ACoP does?

No. The Alberta College of Paramedics regulates the profession in the public interest.
Advocating in the practitioner’s interests is outside of the College’s mandate. A regulatory college does not produce 'membership benefits' for their registrants.  

Is the Alberta Paramedic Association a union?

No. The Alberta Paramedic Association is not a union and will not engage in collective bargaining.

I pay union dues for this, how is this different?

Unions bargain labor issues such as hours of work, salary and working conditions with specific employers through collective bargaining proceedings. Advocating for a profession’s broader interests is outside of a union’s mandate. As an example; the APA will not negotiate for wages with employers and conversely a labor union would not collaborate with university's to develop a paramedic degree program

Is membership mandatory?

No. the Alberta Paramedic Association is a voluntary membership organization. The goal however, is to provide such value for your money, that it would make very little sense not to be a member. As membership grows - benefits grow.

How is this different from the Regional EMS Foundation or the EMS Foundation?

The Regional EMS Foundation in Grande Prairie and the EMS Foundation in Calgary are locally specific organizations, which support local initiatives for specific services. The Alberta Paramedic Association is for all practitioners in Alberta regardless of area of practice.

Does the Alberta Paramedic Association represent all practitioners?

We try our best to make it very clear that the intent of the APA is to provide a voice for Alberta's Paramedics. We ONLY speak on behalf of our membership. At times stakeholders, media or government will ask us questions and we will make statements on behalf of the profession as a whole, with a caveat that we are in our start up and have small membership numbers. Stakeholders appreciate input from the APA because we are the only standalone association in Alberta with a sampling of members from all different areas of the province and all practice settings. We regularly meet with stakeholders and government to promote the profession and we always act with the highest of integrity and transparency. Not only does this result in stakeholders approaching us for input, but it is also the mechanism that enables us to give our members a voice!

Is the Alberta Paramedic Association incorporated?

Yes. The Alberta Paramedic Association is an incorporated non-profit under the Alberta Societies Act.

Are the board of directors active practitioners? 

Yes, the Board of Directors are all active practitioners both PCP's and ACP's with diverse backgrounds and skills. The Board is dedicated, passionate and committed to enhancing your professional practice.

How can I contact the Board of Directors?

You may contact any of the Board of Directors by their personal contact information on the “Contact Us” page on the website, or you may email the Board directly by using 

How do I get involved?

You may send your resume or curriculum vitae to 

Who are the stakeholders in the association?

The association is a standalone organization accountable to it's members, Alberta societies and the profession as a whole.