Statement on violence against paramedics

Violence and threats towards paramedics is a growing problem that needs to be addressed at various levels.

Due to the nature of the profession, paramedics have always had to accept a certain level of personal risk when attending any call from things like traffic, broken glass, pets on scene etc. When that risk becomes personal threats and violence, we need systems in place that support zero tolerance. Assault on paramedics is becoming far too common and preparing paramedics for hand to hand combat with self defence training is a short term (but important) solution.

Tougher laws and increased zero tolerance awareness will support a paramedic culture that does not accept threats or violence.


"We can't fight for your life if we're fighting for our own."


The Alberta HELP Fund is a registered non-profit that exists to enhance the health and wellness of Alberta’s paramedics and provide funding in times of tragedy. Paramedic groups and stakeholders are encouraged to contact the APA for access to funding for paramedic health and wellness initiatives.