An important point that was brought to the APA board of director's attention during strategic planning was the lack of unified paramedic voice regarding entry to practice education.

Until the formation of the APA there was no way for Alberta's paramedics to communicate with schools in a meaningful and impactful way about entry to practice education. Concurrently, there is no format for schools to unify their voice with the voice of Paramedics to provide a strong meaningful collective voice to government and regulators on education items.

On May 29th 2017, the Alberta Paramedic Association had it's inaugural metting of the Collaborative Education Committee (CEC). Schools in attendance included NAIT, SAIT, Portage, and MHC. This committee is designed to unite educators voice in one room and bring the paramedic voice to that group. Due to this committee being rooted in the association, it allows for free open idea sharing and problem solving  as well as a forum to provide feedback to numerous stakeholders by invitation to the group meetings.