Alberta Paramedic Association transitions

This is the time of year for reflection. A time to consider where we have been and where we want to go.

The Alberta Paramedic Association Executive have spent the past several months not only reflecting but restructuring to establish an organization that can uphold the paramedic profession and provide for the.

The first years as an Association were spent listening to practitioners and members, hearing the frustrations and learning about the gaps that impact our ability to practice.

Initiatives were started, and many are ready for implementation, such as expansion of the mental health registry, education workshops and various fundraisors.  However, changes within the profession, such as the transition to the Health Professions Act and the new requirements it brings, have brought other concerns and needs with them.

Hearing the challenges practitioners face with needing personal and professional liability insurance under the new legislation, the APA has arranged a liability insurance policy tailored specifically for all its members.

It was also made clear to the Alberta Paramedic Association that practitioners throughout the province didn’t feel represented and regional concerns were not being addressed. Part of the new structure includes volunteer delegates from all regions of the province to bring concerns to the Association which can advocate on their behalf or work with partners in the profession to develop the needed resources or programs, much like we did to provide support for those dealing with PTSD.

The Association is committed to hearing from practitioners and working to support them. So, in addition to delegates across Alberta, we have created a new website that provides several ways for practitioners to engage with us and share concerns that we can work collectively to lessen.

These are just some of the initiatives that have been or will be implemented in upcoming weeks to serve our members.

The APA is a collaboration of paramedics from throughout the province working in an organized and strategic manner to provide the supports the profession needs and advocate for the needs of the practitioners.

It was created by paramedics for paramedics, to which it remains dedicated. It is dedicated to you.