Any one of us could fall victim to tragedy  tomorrow...
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The Alberta HELP Fund


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Until noon Jan 4th, 100% of donations will go to the family of Cameron Griffiths who was involved in a motor vehicle incident that claimed his life on Dec 27th. The HELP Fund covers all transaction fees and primes each fundraising event with $1000. Please give if you can.



The HELP fund is a non-profit society that was originally established as a preorganized crowd sourced 'pass the hat' type fund for families who fell victim of a LODD. Today, in addition to LODD the HELP Fund is rapidly becoming a funding source for paramedics with sudden critical illness/injury and organizations large or small, to access funding used for health and wellness initiatives for paramedics.

Administered by a group of paramedics, these initiatives may include;

  • Physical health initiatives
  • Psychological health initiatives
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Social/professional wellness initiatives

To apply for funding please email


Volunteer opportunity!! 
The HELP Fund is becoming a stable source of funding to all practitioners and stakeholders looking to enhance the health and wellness of paramedics. If you have experience in managing finances, drafting policy or managing charity funds, volunteering to grow the HELP Fund is a great way for you to personally to contribute in the fight against profession fatigue.

If you are interested in volunteering with the HELP Fund please e-mail:

What have we done


Take a look at what the HELP Fund has accomplished to date. Your help and generous donations makes this all possible. The Alberta Help Fund is first of its kind in Alberta, supporting Paramedics and their families in times of hardship and tragedy.



Becky Burgess

The Alberta Help Fund donated $1000 toward a fundraiser for Becky who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The funds were used for an international trip in search of alternative treatment.


Chuck Neher

The Alberta Help Fund donated $1000 toward a fundraiser for an Edmonton zone paramedic who was seriously injured while off duty.


Ryan B

The Alberta Help Fund was activated to provide relief funds for a Calgary paramedic who is critically ill after a toxic exposure while on a call.


Deacon EMS Scholarship Fund

The Alberta Help Fund was used to support the Deacon EMS Scholarship Fund established in memorial of Doug Deacon. $1000 donated.


Psychologist registry

The Alberta Help Fund was used to support the construct of a registry of psychologists with a specialty in paramedic treatment.


Greg Turner

The Alberta Help Fund organized a fundraiser for Greg Turner after his tragic death on January 26th, 2015. Over $18,771.00 was raised for Greg's widow bridget and her two young children.


Mark Manns

The Alberta Help Fund raised $1000.00 for Mark Manns family after his tragic death on January 29th, 2014.

History of the Help Fund 

Modeled after the Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa's HELP fund, Alberta's HELP fund is a formal and distinct entity. Tragically, in Ottawa, a local paramedic suffered a stroke and developed significant mobility problems. The case was not addressed by any existing coverage and a grassroots "pass the hat" campaign was started. Very soon after, another paramedic suffered an equally tragic event, when it became clear an organized and preplanned approach was necessary.

Early in the development of the Alberta Paramedic Association, Alberta was struck with multiple tragedies which received similar pass the hat campaigns. The Alberta HELP Fund was established, and has grown to become a branch society with intention to develop into a registered charity.

How your donation helps

Your donation is crucial to the success of the HELP Fund. Your donation will be used directly for health and wellness initiatives, benefit a paramedic's family in the case of LODD and the cost of operating the HELP Fund society. The amount paid to each initiative will differ based on funds available and a review by the commitee of the HELP Fund.


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