Insurance policy

To view the PROLINK/Trisura paramedic liability insurance policy Click Here!!                                                       


Insurance FAQ's

Where do I find my insurance certificate?

The insurance certificate is attached as a PDF to the welcome email you recieve when you purchase an annual membership or renew.  If your certificate did not attach please email us at

Will the insurance be included as a future membership benefit?

The insurance will remain as an annual membership benefit.

Will this be automatically applied to renewals?

The insurance benefit will be automatically applied to renewals.

How long is the loss of pay for?

There is no maximum duration. The loss of pay is $500/day.

Has the Alberta College of Paramedics formally agreed that this insurance meets their requirements?

Yes, the insurance offered by APA/PROLINK has been vetted and is on the renewal forms with the Alberta College of Paramedics

Is this policy transferable across Canada?

Yes, as long as you are a member of the APA it applies to other jurisdictions.

Does the APA receive any compensation from Prolink?

The APA does not receive any compensation from Prolink.

Will the premiums increase after 2018?

The current price of premium is not based on any promotion.  The APA cannot predict the market of insurance premiums, however it will be our intent to negotiate for lower premiums.

Am I covered if i send my EPCR to the wrong printer?

Yes, this insurance was designed specifically with that accidental breech of confidentiality in mind and is addressed under ‘electronic breech’

Am I covered if I am required to leave Canada to care for a patient?

Yes. This insurance extends to the continental U.S. as long as you are working ‘based’ out of Canada

How do I get this insurance?

Go to and click on ‘Join us’. The insurance is included with every membership purchased or renewed on or after July 24th 2017